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About Belgium Belgium is a small country in Western Europe bordered by the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Luxembourg. Belgium has four distinct seasons similar to the United States, a Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Belgium has many different types of geography, such as coastal plains, rolling hills, valleys, and forests. The capital is Brussels, butContinue reading “Belgium”

Belarus (Беларусь)

About Belarus Belarus is a large, land locked country in Eastern Europe. In fact, it is the largest landlocked country in Europe! The countries that border Belarus are Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. The capital and largest city is Minsk. Belarus has four distinct seasons similar to the United States, a spring, summer, fall,Continue reading “Belarus (Беларусь)”


About Barbados… Barbados is an island located in the continent of North America and is close to the equator. Barbados is a really small country, only 14 miles across and 21 miles long (167 sq. ft). The capital is Bridgetown which is also the largest city in Barbados. Barbados experiences a wet season (June andContinue reading “Barbados”


About Bahrain… Bahrain is a group of 84 islands (33 are man made) in the Persian Gulf near Saudi Arabia and Qatar. The capital is Manama and also the largest city. The space the islands occupy is small and only three times bigger than Washington DC. Bahrain has very hot summers and in the middleContinue reading “Bahrain”


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My name is Izzy. I am in 7th grade. I have been a vegetarian for about 2 years now. I became a vegetarian after watching the documentary Food Inc. and seeing the ways that animals were treated. I want to be botanist when I am grown up and make a difference. I want to cook food from around the world to explore different cultures and a way to travel without leaving the house during Covid-19. Read more about me here.

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